Snow, ice and below freezing temperatures can cause damage to your irrigation system, which is why we take several precautions to “winterize” or protect your sprinkler system in the fall.

With our winterization service, we close all water and electrical sources properly and use an air compressor to blow all water out of the underground sprinkler lines. This prevents any leftover water from freezing and damaging the irrigation lines.  Our professional technician will perform a proper shut down of your system.

Call us today to schedule your system’s winterization for only $10 per zone.  This special is available to new customers only, with a minimum of three (3) zones.  For more than six (6) zones, please call for special pricing.  During the winterization, our professionals will:

  • Remove all water from the sprinkler lines with 100 PSI compressed air
  • Disconnect all irrigation controllers
  • Disconnect outdoor booster pumps
  • Report any needed repairs that are discovered and provide estimate
The cold weather is approaching, don’t delay!  Call us today to schedule your winterization, 631-467-6699.
To learn more or request us to winterize your sprinkler system, contact us.