Proper Irrigation Winterization and Sprinkler Shut Down

Winterizing your irrigation system when living in the northeast is a must, unless you like playing Russian roulette  (which we doubt you do).   If you don’t have proper winterization service performed, maybe you’ll get through the winter with out any damage to your system.  But chances are you won’t.
The cost of having the water removed and your system shut down is a minor investment to protect the lines, heads, valves, manifold and outside plumbing that make up your system.

It’s important that you use a qualified, licensed and insured company to service and winterize your system.  If the proper equipment is not used, or the service is not done properly, it could cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in repair when your system is turned back on in spring.  That “deal” you got in the fall to have your system blown out won’t be such a good deal after all, and the person that did the work is long gone.

Here are a few things to look for when having your sprinkler system winterized:

  • Is the compressor being used large enough to blow out all the water in the irrigation lines?
  • Have all outdoor pumps been removed and stored inside?
  • Have all the drain plugs been removed?
  • Have all irrigation controllers been disconnected from the power source?
  • Have all the main shutoff valves to the irrigation system been checked and properly turned off?
  • Be sure to tell your contractor if you have any hose outlets connected to your irrigation system.  They will need to be opened and blown out (things like pool fills, showers, sinks, outside bathrooms etc. could be connected)
Following these guidelines will help ensure your sprinkler system, and all connections, are properly shut down for the winter and help prevent any major repairs in the spring due to improper winterizing.

To ensure that your irrigation system is properly winterized and shut down, call Creative Irrigation at 631-467-6699.

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