Is a Sprinkler Remote Control What You Need?

Is a sprinkler remote right for you?


These days, the control of your sprinkler system doesn’t have to be limited to just the time clock.  In most cases, the time clock is located in a less than convienent location.  With a sprinkler remote; just the touch of a button on a small hand held remote can completely control your irrigation system.  A remote allows you to turn zones on and off from just about anywhere on your property or inside your house.  If you are walking your property and notice an area that needs some extra watering, no need to go back and forth.  Turn that zone on right from where you are, with a click of the remote.


A remote is ideal for your sprinkler system whether you are an avid gardener, you take great pride in the beauty of your yard or just like to give your lawn or flowers extra water on hot days.  Remotes save you time, aggravation and energy.  The days of going up and down the basement stairs or walking back and forth to the garage could be over.  We know that convenience is a luxury we all desire, so we are offering a FREE Hunter ROAM remote system with all new irrigation system installations of at least 10 zones or more.  The Hunter ROAM remote is top-quality, and gives you control at distances of up to 1,000 feet.  Call us for details at 631-467-6699 or request a free, no obligation estimate online.

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