Reasons to Renovate an Existing Sprinkler System

Irrigation renovation due to home additionAt Creative Irrigation, custom design and installation of new irrigation systems is not our only specialization.  We also do a lot of work for homeowners needing to renovate existing irrigation systems.  

There are many times when renovating, or adding to, an existing sprinkler becomes necessary and is more beneficial to the homeowner than digging up the old system and installing in a completely new irrigation system.  Renovations to existing sprinkler systems can involve adding additional zones, moving lines to accommodate for construction or additions, updating old equipment, or incorporating micro drip irrigation areas to protect new landscaping.
There are several reasons why you may need a professional irrigation contractor to provide a consultation to renovate or redesign an existing system; here are a few:

  1. Updating equipment and adding efficiency
  2. Installing a new swimming pool
  3. Adding a new fence or moving an existing fence
  4. Adding an extension to your home
  5. Building a new deck or porch
  6. Widening a driveway or adding new walkways
  7. New landscaping
  8. Addition of a garden
  9. Replacing a cess pool
  10. Fixing poor coverage of an existing system
  11. Upgrading system with rain/freeze sensors and automatic timers
  12. Adding a booster pump to increase water pressure
If you are making changes to your home or landscape, need better coverage for your lawn or your irrigation system is in need of updating; call us at Creative Irrigation Long Island for a free consultation and estimate.

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