Irrigation System Booster Pumps. What and Why?

Creative Irrigation installs booster pumps at the time of  irrigation system design and install; as well as installing onto pre-existing systems.  So, what is a booster pump and why would you need one?

A booster pump will increase, or “boost” the water pressure of your sprinkler system.  The need for a booster pump  depends on several factors; including they type of irrigation system, the size of your lawn, design of landscaping, location of water pipes, pressure needed to efficiently and effectively irrigate your lawn and the water pressure provided by your water line.

Some Long Island areas have lower water pressure and residents will need a booster pump installed with their irrigation system for it to work to the fullest.  In cases of pre-existing older irrigation systems, they may not have had good water pressure to begin with at time of installation, and need a booster pump installed after the fact.  For example, say your irrigation systems needs 85 PSI of pressure to operate, but the water line coming into your property only has 60 PSI of pressure.  You would need to have a booster pump installed to increase the pressure from 60 to 85 for your sprinkler system.

Booster pumps are installed on the main water line coming into the home.  When the irrigation timer turns on a zone, it turns on the booster pump as well.  The pump pulls the water from the street and pushes the water into the irrigation system at a higher volume and pressure than the main water line alone.  The increased pressure created by the booster pump improves the spray distance and performance of the sprinkler heads allowing for better coverage.

For more information on booster pumps and your individual needs, contact us at Creative Irrigation Long Island.  We will evaluate your pressure and watering needs and install the best pump for your system.



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