Tips For Watering an Established Lawn During a New York Summer

Sprinkler system multiple spraysAt Creative Irrigation, one of the common questions we hear from customers is when and how much they should water their lawn once the summer months start to heat up.How often you need to water your lawn depends on several factors including weather conditions, grass type, type of soil (such as clay or sand), sun and shade conditions within your lawn as well as your landscaping (presence and distribution of trees, shrubs, flowers etc). Here are some general guidelines we recommend.

Typically, the best time to use your irrigation system is during the early morning hours.  For the best results, try to complete your watering by 9 am.  Watering your lawn any later than this increases the evaporation rate and as a result, much of your lawn’s water will turn into evaporation instead of feeding your soil.  Your watering attempts will be less effective, your lawn can dry out despite running your irrigation system and you will waste precious water and can unnecessarily increase water bills.

We know it can sometimes be difficult to do a complete watering of your entire lawn in early morning due to the size of your property and how many zones you have.  A way to work around this is to water half the property on one day and then water the other half the next day.  This tactic works well for large properties.

Flowers need to be watered more often than lawns due to their shallow root systems.  Most irrigation controllers today have the capability to set up multiple watering programs so you can control how much and how often specific areas receive water.   For example, you can program your system to water your flower zones twice a day, water your general lawn every other day, and water your shrub areas once a week.  If watering flower zones twice a day, plan the first watering in the early morning and the second in the evening as the sun is beginning to set.

A custom designed irrigation system by Creative Irrigation can help you effectively maintain your lawn while meeting the unique needs of your landscaping; keeping your lawn and gardens looking beautiful even in the most extreme weather conditions

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