Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller: Complete Control of your Irrigation System at the Touch of a Screen

Creative Irrigation of Long Island is pleased to offer Hydrawise, the Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Control System by Hunter.  With the Hydrawise app, you have instant control and in-depth knowledge of your system and water usage. 

One of the things we love most about this system is it’s Predictive Watering™.  Watering of your lawn is automatically adjusted based on local weather data.  This can reportedly lead to up to 50% savings from irrigation system water costs, in addition to making sure you don’t overwater and damage your lawn.

As if that’s not enough to make this a must-have, here are a few more great features of Hydrawise:

Improve Results and Reduce Water with the MP Rotator

The MP Rotator nozzle by Hunter is a revolutionary enhancement in lawn irrigation; helping homeowners like you achieve healthier landscape growth while reducing water usage by up to 30%.  You can elect MP Rotators when installing a new system, and they can easily be retro-fitted to an existing system. The key is the unique multiple rotating

Proper Irrigation Winterization and Sprinkler Shut Down

Winterizing your irrigation system when living in the northeast is a must, unless you like playing Russian roulette  (which we doubt you do).   If you don’t have proper winterization service performed, maybe you’ll get through the winter with out any damage to your system.  But chances are you won’t. The cost of having the water removed

Is a Sprinkler Remote Control What You Need?

Is a sprinkler remote right for you?     These days, the control of your sprinkler system doesn’t have to be limited to just the time clock.  In most cases, the time clock is located in a less than convienent location.  With a sprinkler remote; just the touch of a button on a small hand

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

Turf Disease and Dollar Spot

The Correlation Between Lawn Watering and Fungus Dollar Spot is a common fungus found attacking Long Island lawns from late spring to early fall.  Proper water management is key in helping to prevent dollar spot. The fungus starts as a small, light brown spot approximately four inches in size.  If not properly taken care of,